Poem: Guardian Angels

Remember how Jesus turned water into wine? 
You may not know this, but guardian angels, 
at least MY guardian angels, 
can turn tears into a good Chardonnay (or tequila, if needed). 

My guardian angels can serenade me with music, 
and have a special mirror that allows me to see my own beauty.

They hold my hand as I step across the slippery stones
Between one part of life and another,

And whisper in my ear, "Yes! You can absolutely do that!"
when I have a crazy idea that I'm not sure about.

My guardian Angels remind me of my own strength when I think I'm too weak 
to pull myself to shore against a strong tide.

And if I really am too weak, they lift me up on their wings
So I can view my life from a higher perspective. 

My guardian angels know me by all my different names, moods, 
and awkward periods of life.

They swoop in to help escort family members to heaven,
or sometimes, just sit quietly waiting on the other end of an unuttered prayer.

I don't know why, but I think God showered me
with more angels than normal, because he knew I would need them.

If you petition God at some point for your own angels, 
I recommend requesting the tears to wine feature.

A distraction is valuable, sometimes. So that after you heal,
And come back to yourself, you might notice that you have wings of your own. 

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