Poem: The Date

When you arrive, 
the best thing to do is pretend
the other person
is already your friend. 
It's less awkward. 

Then unburden your day (a little), 
remark on the surroundings,
laugh about stupid things you've encountered lately, 
and ask all the

Where did you / How many / Have you ever been to/ What do you think / 
When did you / How did you find it / What kind of / Is it really / 
Why is that/ How come / Did you read /  When was the last time / 
Do you ever think about...

Death? Clowns? Passion? Eternity? Coffee? 
Refugees? The media? Getting old? 
The proper height for ceilings?

And if,
By the bottom of the second glass of conversation, 
You start to care about the answers, 
Well, then.

Stop pretending.

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