Poem: Out

Damn. I'm out of sugar. 
I'm out of cream, too. 
I'm out of milk, toothpaste,
ketchup, toilet paper, and batteries.

I'm out of strength. 
The day became too heavy
And I just can't lift it any more.
Leave the night to someone else.

I'm out of compassion. 
I've looked around in all the
Cupboards of my heart, but I can't
Find an Indian tear. 

And just when I think
I can't get any emptier,
I find a Fuck
And get rid of that too.

I'm out of my mind. 
Out of reasons, explanations, 
Excuses, and justifications.
I gave them all away. 

I'm out of names. 
No identity left. No attachments, 
No yearning for what might become
Or what might have been. 

The Buddha would be proud.
But I got rid of him too:
Threw him out with the old socks
And now I drink my coffee black.

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