Instructions for my Funeral

Take my money, and charter a boat.

Sail out on a warm clear night, under a full moon.

Treat it like a wedding party

After the bride and groom have left.

Invite all the people who have me in common

To forget about what’s on shore for a while.

Order plenty of pizza and champagne.

Tell everyone to bring their guitar.

Make sure there is lots of singing,

Hugging of strangers, and lovers sneaking away for kisses.

You can say nice things about me if you want,

But I would rather you say nice things about each other

So that everyone knows all the ways they are loved

While still alive.

Celebrate each other until morning

(You might want to order coffee as well)

And when the sun rises (I promise it will),

Hold on to each other.

Live a moment of Beautiful Awful Truth

And toast the unnumbered days you have left.

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