The pattern that holds my body together-
Is giving in to entropy. Heavenly bodies sag,
creases remain along the laugh lines,
bones crack at dawn that slips by too fast.
I forget the time.

The relationships that hold life together
are fading away. Friends and family are gone,
marriages split along the fault lines.
A card sits in a drawer that I bought for
I can’t remember who.

The ideas that hold the country together
have been broken. News is entertainment,
idiots throw mud across the party lines.
We admired stars and heroes once—
I don’t know when.

The hope that unites the planet
has been torn apart. War is life,
soldiers and civilians die on the front lines.
I am either an ‘Us’ or a ‘Them’—
I don’t know which.

All the atoms that bind the universe
are expanding. The nodes of a graph
pushed apart, stretching the lines,
until they break, snap, or crunch—
No one knows what.

All the forces that pull us apart
leave a hole.  Let me stuff the space
with infinite things, things that matter,
until I become you or you become me,
and we know no time.


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