Master’s in Library and Information Science,  San Jose State University

My emphasis in this program was Information Architecture, and Competitive Intelligence, which leaned heavily toward technical and business courses. Coursework included:

  • Taxonomy/Vocabulary Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Seminar in Competitive Intelligence
  • Cataloging
  • Online search methodologies
  • Systems Analysis
  • Library Management

B.A., English,  California State University, Northridge

I graduated magna cum laude from this program, which was geared toward preparation for a teaching credential. I was tested and approved for the credential program. My coursework included:

  • Advanced Grammar
  • Linguistics
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Advanced Shakespeare Seminar

Graduate: American Academy of Dramatic Arts, West

I was a graduate of this intensive two-year program in which admission is by audition, and the second year is by invitation-only. I was also a member of the exclusive Academy Repertory Theater my third year, which was also by invitation-only. Coursework included (in addition to acting):

  • Voice and Speech (including dialect study)
  • Shakespeare Study
  • Television Technique
  • Fencing
  • Theatre History